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+371 2 54 54 54 0
Reservations phone: +371 2 54 54 54 0




Chicken skewers, fried baby potatoes, fresh vegetable salad, sauce 15,00
 Pork skewers,fried baby potatoes, fresh vegetable salad, sauce 15,00
Grilled sausages, fried baby potatoes, fresh vegetable salad, sauce 15,00
Trout, fried potatoes, fresh vegetable salad, sauce 15,00



Brushetta with dried tomatoes, onion jam, mozzarella cheese, and olives kalamata  6,25
Cherry tomato salad with burrata & pesto 7,25
Risotto with porcini mushrooms 9,25
Ravioli with cheese and spinach 11,25



Salad mix Parma ham, mini mozzarella cheese and figs 6,25
Salad with crawfish tails, quail eggs and fresh vegetables 6,25
Salad with fried tuna, tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, quail eggs, anchovies, young potatoes and bean pods  7,25
Salad of colorful cherry tomatoes with Burrata cheese, grilled peaches and pesto  6,75
Sea scallops with green peas puree, citrus foam, parmesan and Parma ham chips  9,75
Grilled tiger prawns 9,25
Beef tartare 9,25
Salmon tartare 9,75


Cold beet root soup with Josper oven baked potatoes 5,25
Creamy Latgalian cheese soup 5,25
Solyanka 5,25
Seafood chowder 5,75


- Creamy Latgalian cheese soup  
- Honey glazed pork ribs with Josper oven baked vegetables  
- Homemade assorted ice cream  


Beef Stroganoff with fried onions and porcini on potato pancakes  12,75
Classic burger with beef  9,25
Slow-cooked beef cheeks with onion marmalade, Brussels sprouts and carrots on celery puree  12,25
Medallions with grilled vegetables  14,25
Beef in garlic sauce with pine nuts and noodles 14,25
Steak "Rib eye" dry aged  / 250g / 15,25
Steak "Filet mignon" / 210g / 16,25
Steak "Chateaubriand" / 310g / 18,25
Steak "T-Bone" (Netherlands) / 500gr / 22,25


Lamb on the bone 12,25
Lamb "rump" steak with new potatoes, green peas, fried onions and mint sauce 15,25
Josper oven baked pork ribs in a honey glaze 8,50
Pork skewers 8,75
Pork chop steak, fried potatoes, Brussels sprouts and carrots in sour cream sauce with bacon  12,25
Pork fillet with fresh vegetables and cream sauce with parsley on celery puree  12,75
Chicken breast with fried potatoes, onions, new broccoli and carrots and sweet cream sauce with parsley  12,25
Duck breast with cowberry sauce  12,25
River trout from Josper oven  9,25
Mussels in creamy cream and wine sauce or tomato sauce with chorizo sausages  14,25
Black pasta with seafood and tomato sauce  14,25
Seabass fillet with risotto 14,25
Mackerel fillet with fried potatoes and green peas   12,25
Salmon steak  12,25


Creamy mushroom sauce 0,75
Creamy garlic sauce 0,75
Cranberry sauce with honey 1,00
Creamy vine sauce  1,00
The Churchill sauce 1,00
BBQ souce  1,00


New potatoes 2,50
Griled corn 2,50
Mix of fresh vegetables 3,25
MIx of grilled vegetables 3,75
Grilled champignons 1,75
Asparagus 3,75


for 2 / 4 guests
Fruits 7,50 / 15,00
Vegetables 5,00 / 10,00
Cheese 7,50 / 15,00
Meat 10,00 / 20,00
Fish 12,50 / 25,00
Beer 15,00


Classical burger with beef  9,25


Macaroons 1,00
Ice-cream asorti 4,25
Sour cream cake with grated strawberries  4,25
Strawberry trio dessert 4,75
Chocolate fondant with home-made ice cream  6,25
Apple pie with ice cream and caramel sauce 6,25


Assorted homemade bread with spicy butter  1,50
Please ask waiter for information about any allergens that food may contain.